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Key Features
◈ Center of gravity changes according to sliding seat
◈ Mechanical shear reduction device for injury prevention
◈ Armrest adjusts automatically when reclined, for comfortable seating
◈ Adjustable seat width and seat depth (16″/18″/20″) for customized fitting
◈ Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
◈ Optional seat elevator and power footplate or elevating legrest
◈ Optional PG R-NET multi-function controller

Product Description

About Avid

At Avid, we have a passion to build products that fit our customer’s personal needs. The Avid product line is designed and built with a sharp eye for quality and at an affordable price. It’s in our Mission Statement:

 To manufacture and distribute the highest quality products in a cost-effective manner and improve the quality of life for people every day worldwide 

We have this in mind every day when we help our dealers, ship our products and offer technical support after the sale. You will feel the quality in our products and in our voices.

To us, Avid is an attitude. It’s the spirit of those people who refuse to give up a normal life simply because of their unique physical conditions. In that sense, our product is a reward, a gift to the people who possess this spirit, and are determined to not just live, but truly enjoy life. So our business philosophy behind Avid is the spirit of constantly thriving for the best, and our product is the missing puzzle and the reward of having the best in your life.


Dimensions & Specifications

◉ Weight Capacity: 300lbs

◉ Max. Speed: 5mph

◉ Range: 24mi

◉ Turn Radius: 24″

◉ Ground Clearance: 3″

◉ Motor: DC 24V, 200W (Raiting) / 575W (Max)

◉ Controller: PG VR2 60A / Rnet 60A

◉ Battery: 22NF / 12V 62AH x 2pcs

◉ Charger: 5A off-board

◉ Gradient: 7.5°

◉ Caster: F:8″ / R:8″

◉ Drive Wheel: 14″

◉ Brake: Intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes